12 Best WordPress Plugins [Which I Use]


Here you will find the Best WordPress plugins, from which you can maintain the security, backups and SEO of your WordPress website and with this you can also maintain the speed of your website and there are many features inside these plugins, so let me give you these plugins Tell me all about.

Best WordPress Plugins

As you know we use WordPress only so that we can add different and attractive features to our website without coding.

Here you will find a complete list inside which are the free Best WordPress plugins I use, which are also used by professional bloggers.

So we can do this work only with the help of WordPress plugins and give your website an attractive look with maintain SEO.

Best WordPress Plugins

If you want to know which plugins I use in my WordPress website. So you see this post till the end and you will come to know which plugins I use in my WordPress website, which you can also use.

Here you will find a lot of WordPress plugins that you can use to make your work easy in your WordPress website.

RankMath SEO Plugin

You can do on-page SEO of your website posts by using the Rankmath plugin.

You can put Rankmath SEO plugin to maintain your website, inside it you get a lot of inbuilt functions that you can use absolutely free. This is a hundred percent free plugin.

Within this plugin you also get a lot of advanced features, within which you can control the redirection of your website and correct the error of your website and submit a Sitemap with this Plugin.

Site Kit by Google

Site Kit by Google, This is such a plugin from Google, we can manage Google’s tools which are very important for our site, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, and Google Adsense etc. We can manage We do not need to manage manually This plugin is absolutely safe because it comes from Google and is also fully trusted.

The Best Plugin and My Most Favorite Plugin within the Best WordPress Plugins List is Site Kit by Google.

Table of Contents

If we write a long post on our site, then Google suggest us to put a table of content on our site so that the user who comes to our website can easily see what they read our content and can easily read the content they need.

So we should use table of content and with this plugin we put table of content in our website and the best advantage of adding table of content is that Google gives us more preference.


Smush is a plugin that compress all the images that are inside our website or tells us a notification to compress so that we can compress those images and our website loads quickly to use this plugin.

We have many advantages such as our website will load quickly, its loading time will Dicrease, And our website loads fast.

Swift Performance Lite

The Swift Performance Lite plugin clears your website’s cache to speed up the loading speed of your website and make your website appear faster to the user so that the user experience is good.
There are some functions in this plugin that clear the CSS file which is not being used by our site so that our speed is not affected.


This plugin is very beneficial for the security of our website, by this we can put an OTP function on our login panel so that whenever we login with the id password from our login panel, it sends an OTP to our mail id which can be installed. Only after we can process.

This plugin is one such plugin in the Best WordPress Plugins List, with which we can manage the security.

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UpdraftPlus – WordPress Backup

UpdraftPlus is a WordPress plugin that allows us to backup our content for free so that if we ever lose our content in the future, we can bring back all our content from the backups that we have. And to keep all our content safe, that’s why we use UpadraftPlus plugin.

All the Bloggers of this plugin should do it so that their content is safe.

Ad Inserter – Ad Manager & Adsence Ads

If we monetize our blog with Google Adsense or from any Ad network, then we need a plugin to manage the ads on our blog, then this plugin is the best for this, with the help of this plugin, we block our But you can manage advertising.

this plugin is the best plugin for Google Adsense.

AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

For ranking in Google, the most important thing in our website is that our website should be mobile friendly and to make our website mobile friendly, we can use MP plugins, with the help of which we can load our website quickly in mobile and You can also increase your user engagement so that our website can rank in Google quickly.

Jetpack by WordPress.com

Jetpack is a WordPress plugin with the help of which we can simplify many things. with the help of Jetpack our work in WordPress becomes very easy, within this we can manage security, we can manage the stats of our website And many things can be done with the help of Jetpack plugin

Ninja Forms Contact Form

With the help of ninja form Plugin we create contact us page in our wordpress website or with the help of this but we can also attach different forms on any Post or our pages. In my case to make the form of contact us, I use this plugin.

This plugin is one such plugin in the Best WordPress Plugins List, with which we can easily create any form in one click.

WP Super Cache

This plugin clears the unwanted CSS file or Cache file in your WordPress website so that our loading speed can increase and our website can load quickly.

This plugin should use all the bloggers as this plugin increases the speed of our website and website speed is a huge ranking factor according to Google which ranks the website at the top.

The conclusion

The Best WoredPress Plugins that I use or that professional bloggers use that are absolutely free. I have given you this list, you can use all these plugins for absolutely free.

You can make your website SEO friendly by using all the plugins given in the Best WordPress plugins list and can generate good revenue by ranking in Google.


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