How to add Contact Form in WordPress

add contact form in wordpress

You must be doing the contact page in your website. If you do not, today I will tell you how you can add Contact form in WordPress website.

It is very important to have a contact form in any website. And nowadays even Google Adsense does not give approval without contact page.

Add Contact Form in WordPress

First of all you have to login to your WordPress then click on add new plugin and search by name of ninja form then there you will find a plugin called ninja form whose photo i am giving below and you have to install it And to activate.

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We have to install a plugin called Ninja Forms to add a professional contact us page to the WordPress website.

After the plugin is activated, you will get the option of Ninja Form on the left side in WordPress, click on it, it will verify your mail id through a pop up, then you have to click on Add New Form. Or you can also use custom form of ninja form.

add Contact Form in WordPress

How to Add Contact form on Page

To add the form to your contact us page, first you have to go to your page section and edit the contact page, then click on Add Element to select the ninja form, then within the ninja forum you can select your contact forum. You can add contact pages in WordPress.

After your contact us page is fully set up, it will look something like this.

Today I taught you to make contact forum, you can contact me with the help of this contact form and can also subscribe to the newsletter of our website, through this you will get lots of new blogging algorithms via email.


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